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Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Internal publications (grey literature)

Fauna & Flora International Indochina Programme, Hanoi, Viet Nam

  1. Tallents LA, Geissmann T, Trinh Dinh Hoang & La Quang Trung. (2001) Survey for crested gibbons (genus Nomascus) in Bach Ma National Park, Viet Nam, April 2001.
  2. Tallents LA, Le Trong Dat, Luong Van Hao, La Quang Trung & Trinh Dinh Hoang. (2001) A survey for Western Black Crested Gibbon in Nam Pam, Hua Trai and Ngoc Chien Communes, Che Tao-Nam Pam forest.
  3. Tallents LA, Le Trong Dat, La Quang Trung & Trinh Dinh Hoang. (2000) Report on the 2nd survey for Western Black Crested Gibbon in Che Tao forest.
  4. Tallents LA, Le Trong Dat, La Quang Trung & Trinh Dinh Hoang. (2000) Survey for Western black crested gibbon Nomascus concolor, Che Tao Commune, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai Province.
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